Mike Tuccillo on bass! Elliot Jacobson on drums!

In February 2012 we stopped by Storenvy offices in SF to play a few stripped-down songs, and this is one of them. High ceilings, a LOT of listens to a certain Dixie Chicks album, and Mike & Elliot’s ability to shape an unrehearsed arrangement on the fly all contributed to how this song sounds in this performance.

Shot by the lovely Jeremy Peoples at the Storenvy offices in San Francisco. Thanks, Jeremy!! Thanks, Storenvy!!

Our very lo-fi guerrilla set up included:
-acoustic guitar AND vocal through Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
-tiny snare, tambourine, brushes, shaker
-Black Swan stomp box through Fender Blues Jr.
-electric bass guitar through half of its normal Aguilar cab set up

"Great Big Plans" on iTunes

"Great Big Plans" on Bandcamp


I'm a singer, songwriter, and natural history enthusiast. I was raised in the woods, but now I live in Brooklyn. My new EP Slack Tide is available for preorder on PledgeMusic: jennyowenyoungs.com/pledge 


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